CONFECTIONERY ARTS Paramount Crystals 453g

CONFECTIONERY ARTS Paramount Crystals 453g


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Perfect for any chocolatier!

Paramount Crystals are used to aid in the melting of chocolate, candy melts, carob and yoghurt coatings. By thinning your melted chocolate, it makes for a creamier and delicious result.

Simply add a small amount of crystals into your melted chocolate and mix in. Stir until the crystals completely dissolve and watch your chocolate come to life.

Add approximately 1 teaspoon of Paramount Crystals for every 2 cups of chocolate.

Pack contains 453g.

Hydrogenated palm kernel oil, mono and diglycerides, soy lecithin

Please Note:

  • We send the Paramount Crystal  not melted.
  • Due to delivery, it may get melted - this is due to the courier and the heat.
  • We try our best to inform the courier - keep in a chilled environment, or to make an early morning delivery,
  • We cannot be held responsible, if it arrives altered from original state.

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