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Rolkem Metallic Set of 4

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Rolkem Metallic Set of 4




Antique Silk

NOTE: there are 4 tubs of 10ml, in the set.

  • small 10ml retail pot of Rolkem's famous Super Russet - a lovely deep rusty red
  • part of the Rolkem Supers range of approved food colouring
  • widely regarded as the world's best lustre dusting colours
  • made by our friends at Rolkem in South Africa using the finest concentrated food colourings and natural pigments
  • 100% edible - unlike many so-called edible glitters on the market
  • Rolkems Super dust produces a high glossy shine, similar to a metallic finish - contains real gold & silver!
  • if you're looking for a shiny  metal finish then this is the one to use!
  • brush dry on to sugarpasteflower & modelling pastecandy / chocolate meltsmarzipan, chocolate or any other edible product
  • mix with Rejuvenator Fluid or Rolkem Quick Dry Essence to produce an edible paint
  • mix in a mixing tray and apply with a sugarcraft dusting brush or food-approved paint brush
  • some stockists use the terms 'non-toxic' and 'edible' together, which is confusing as the two are not the same - we are delighted to confirm that this colour is 100% edible
  • small 10ml pot goes a surprisingly long way
  • PLEASE REMEMBER shades shown cannot be 100% accurate - the shades you see depend upon your monitor / tablet / phone screen display as well as the ability to photograph very subtle differences in shade
  • mix with Blossom TintsEdible Lustres or other Rolkem dusts for infinite range of shades
  • ingredients: E171 titanium dioxide, E172 iron oxide, E175 gold, E555 Mica
  • suitable for vegetarians & vegans
  • dairy free - nut free - gluten free - GMO free
  • certified Kosher & Halal
  • Rolkem products do not contain the following E numbers, known as the Southampton Six . . . E102, E104, E110, E122, E124 or E129, which may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in some children
  • shade accuracy - please remember colours shown are representative only and will look different on different PC monitors and tablet / phone screens
  • PLEASE NOTE Rolkem's packaging and labelling is fairly 'unique' - the super lightweight plastic pots often appear bashed or squashed and can have some residual powder on the outside - please don't panic thinking the pot is damaging as they are supposed to look like this and are sealed well.  The residual dust and laser-printer style labels are simply features of Rolkem's packaging

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