Barco  Luster Dust: Old Rose/ Pink

Barco Luster Dust: Old Rose/ Pink


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Barco, Pink Label, food colour Old Rose/ Pink

Dust:Used to dry brush color onto gum paste or fondant designs. Mixing new shades or colours: New colours can be blended with these dusts or mixes i.e Blue + Yellow = Green 

Dust: Dab the paint brush into the pigment and tip excess off. Test the colour by brushing in a circular motion on paper towel. If it is correct, do the same on the fondant or gum paste designs you want to add colour to. Ideal for sugar craft flowers etc. For fine details, a small round head brush works best. For larger areas, use a wider, flatter brush even the big round brush, used to apply blusher. You can mix and match these colours as you wish to form more exciting shades and colours.