Fluid Writer (small) Ink Pen
Fluid Writer (small) Ink Pen

Fluid Writer (small) Ink Pen


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To doodle or write messages on a covered cake or cookie effortlessly, enjoyably and successfully you need to invest in the correct tool, you could use an edible food pen but after a while you will struggle!

The tool that Lindy uses is this wonderful Kemper fluid writer. A precision engineered tool that holds like a brush and writes like a pen.

As the manufacturers say, don't be fooled by imitations this amazing tool effortlessly writes on vertical surfaces, doesn’t drip and gives faultless lines.

The tool is available in two sizes, this is the thicker version which Lindy likes to use with edible metallic airbrush colours. It is also excellent for writing messages on cakes

How to use:

1. Using a paintbrush or eyedropper fill the cup of the fluid writer with liquid food colour.

2. Holding the tool like a paintbrush, lightly touch the tip to the sugarpaste surface where you wish to start, as soon as you make contact the liquid food colour is released, so let the tip glide over the surface to create a pattern. When you wish to stop simply remove the tip.

Note: Never press down on the tip, it needs to simply glide of the surface. If the tip does gets blocked, for example you accidentally push it into your icing, carefully push the thin metal wire, that comes with the fluid writer through the the tip to release.