Considerations When Baking a Cake for an Event

Whether you’ve been tasked with baking a cake for a special event or simply want to surprise a loved one with a mouth-watering treat, there are several things you need to keep in mind. From buying the right ingredients and checking for allergies to ordering a large cake box big enough for your bake, being organised is a must. So with this in mind, here are the most important considerations for cake making. 

1. Find out how many people it will serve

 When making a show-stopping cake for an event, you must find out how many people it needs to serve as this will help you decide what size tins to use and how many tiers to prepare. If you’re catering for a big wedding party, for instance, you might decide to use round twelve-inch, ten-inch, eight-inch and six-inch tins for a four-tiered masterpiece that’ll serve well over 100 people - more if you serve finger portions instead of dessert portions. An 8-inch base might be enough for smaller parties with 6-inch and four-inch tins used for the tiers.

 Knowing numbers will also make it easier to order the right sized cake storage box, with clear cake boxes making it easier to keep an eye on your creation at all times.

2. Find out if there are any allergies or food intolerances

 Another thing to think about when baking a cake is whether there are any food intolerances. If the bride-to-be or birthday boy is gluten or dairy intolerant then you may need to change up your recipe and source alternative ingredients. Similarly if there are any severe nut allergies in the group you’re cooking for, then all products will need to be nut free. If there are only a small number of people with food intolerances then you might be able to make your main cake as planned before whipping up a smaller cake or some individual cupcakes for those with special dietary requirements. A nice idea would be to provide ingredient lists for each of your creations.

3. Think about the making and assembly process

If you’re planning on baking multiple tiers and going to town with fondant decorations and fillings then you’ll need plenty of time to put everything together. Think about the making and assembly process carefully. Believe it or not, you can make the sponge layers in advance and freeze them until they’re ready to use. You can also make fillings such as jam and lemon curd in advance as these will keep in the fridge. Make the buttercream last so it’s fresh. With all the preparation done, you can then put the cake together and spend time decorating it. Store it in a cake box or on a cake stand with a lid and pop in the refrigerator if you’re not serving it straight away.

Making a cake for an event is hard work. There’s a lot to think about and many people will view your masterpiece, but it can be highly rewarding when done right. Don’t forget to order the tools and products you need, including a cake box for transportation and storage.


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