Different Types of Cake Fillers Explained

A lot of thought goes into making a mouth-watering cake that can be enjoyed by friends and loved ones. It’s not simply a case of mixing several ingredients together and hoping for the best. Baking is a science and when it comes to design there’s plenty to consider. Should you go for plain and simple or will sugar paste decorations make your creation stand out? You also need to think about fillings. Knowing what to put inside your cake can be tricky, so here’s a rundown of the different types of cake fillers. 

American Buttercream

Whether you’re new to baking or simply want a quick and easy filling that tastes delicious, American buttercream is ideal. This is one of the world’s most well-known cake frostings and consists of butter whipped together with icing sugar until it’s smooth. American buttercream is perfect for icing entire cakes before using coloured sugar paste to create beautiful designs, shapes and patterns. You can use fondant tools with various purposes to shape the sugar paste. When popped in the fridge, buttercream will harden slightly. You can also smooth American buttercream between cake layers to keep it moist. 

Italian Meringue Buttercream 

Fancy a challenge? Then Italian meringue buttercream will push your baking skills that little bit further. This filling is made by pouring boiling sugar syrup into egg whites while whisking to create a cooked meringue. You’ll need to keep the bowl still and have access to a thermometer to make sure the sugar syrup reaches the required temperature. The butter is added afterwards and the resulting mixture is light and fluffy. This cake filling isn’t overly sweet and won’t form a crust like American buttercream. 

French Buttercream 

French buttercream is similar to Italian buttercream except it uses egg yolks instead of egg whites. This makes the cake filling richer and creamier yet still light and delicious. It has a rich, slightly yellow, custard-like appearance but because of the butter it holds together nicely and can be used to fill cakes. It’s also a top choice for decorating cupcakes as it pipes with a sharp definition. 

Cream Cheese Icing 

If you’ve ever had a carrot cake or a red velvet cake you’ll know just how delicious cream cheese icing is. It’s smooth, slightly tangy and offers a deliciously sweet flavour. This filling can be placed on top of cakes or in between layers and is made by mixing butter, full fat cream cheese (this has less water than low-fat options) and icing sugar together. Vanilla bean paste and lemon juice gives the icing that well-known tang. 

If you’re looking to complement coloured fondants or beautiful icing with extra decorations, then a balloon set is perfect for a special occasion. From elaborate balloon cake toppers to mini foil balloons that self-inflate, there are many options to choose from.

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