The Most Popular Cakes of 2023

Feeling creative? Then why not stock up on cake decorating supplies, edible cake decorations and any necessary decorating tools, and experiment with some really fun baking trends? The market for sweet treats is ever changing, but here’s what’s getting mouths watering and tongues tingling in 2023.

 1. Comic style cartoon cakes 

Cartoon cakes are the new baking trend sweeping social media sites like Instagram and TikTok. The trick is to use one or two bright colours and to outline all shapes in thin black icing so that it looks like black ink. The result is fun, whimsical and eye-catching. With a similar vibe to pop art, comic-inspired cakes require precision. Ideally you want to line every border - the top, sides, layers, icing drips, candles, filling lines and so on. To make your cake look like a sketch on paper, think about using white buttercream and white fondant to contrast with the black lines.

 2. Real or fake 

If you’ve seen the show ‘Is It Cake?’ on Netflix, you’ll know that the real or fake trend is big right now. Making cakes that look like other food items, such as a sandwich or vegetable is a great talent that requires much concentration and skill. But if you want to give it a go, buying a selection of cake moulds is a great idea. Cake moulds come in all different shapes and sizes and help to make your creation look like another object. These baking accessories can be used for all sorts of projects and can help you put together a themed cake for a loved one.

 3. Buttercream carving 

This is an unusual trend but one that can have some beautiful results. With buttercream carving you simply cover your entire cake in a coloured buttercream and leave it to harden in the fridge. You then cover the same cake in a different coloured buttercream. Once the top layer has hardened, you can use a wide range of fondant tools to carve your creation and reveal the colour underneath. Experiment with different patterns and shapes for a visually impressive bake,

 4. Vintage cakes 

Vintage cakes with over the top icing have made a comeback for 2023. For this, you’ll need a piping bag and lots of different piping tips to create the look you want. From beautifully piped swirls to piped roses with edible glitter, vintage cakes are made to be seen. If you’re baking for a baby shower, pastel colours are perfect for cupcakes. Experiment with pastel pinks, blues and greens, ensuring your piping is elaborate and creative.

 5. Mini cakes

If you’re new to baking and want to play around with ideas without wasting too many ingredients, you’re in luck. Mini cakes are trendy this year and are perfect for smaller parties or to share with friends. Mini cakes are also easier to decorate and require fewer ingredients making them affordable to whip up. They also cook quicker.

Cake making is all about having fun. So let your creative side out and have a go at some of the trendiest cakes of the year. Don’t forget to order any equipment you need in advance as organisation is one of the most important parts of baking.


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