Cake Sharpies "Get the EDGE"

Cake Sharpies "Get the EDGE"


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The Cake Sharpies are an ideal way to help achieve perfect sharp edges.

The food grade flexible smoothers help you finish your cakes off like a professional.

These two sharpies are the perfect way to help achieve perfect sharp edges.


These cake sharpies are very similar to Squires Kitchen Flexi Smoothers which give you sharp and neat edges to your fondant.

Two cake sharpies are included. Both has three evenly rounded corners whereas the other has a more curved L shaped edge on one end.


Directions for use:

1. Finish your ganache covered cake with perfect edges. A Firm and straight ganache finish is the perfect base for applying a quality fondant.

The better the ganache finish, the better the applied fondant will look for you after using your cake sharpies

2. Smooth your fondant with a fondant smoother. Work out any creases slowly and carefully.

3. For a round cake, place the curved edge of the cake sharpie on top of the fondant covered cake facing the edge, and the straight edge of the other cake sharpie on the side of your cake. Run the cake sharpies along the edge of the cake. Work the cake sharpies slowly around the edge of the cake. You will notice the edge begins to sharpen. Continue to work the cake sharpies around the cake until you have achieved your desired outcome on the edge. For square cakes, use the straight edge of each cake sharpie to achieve the desired result.


Size:10cm x 18cm


Quantity:2 sharpies


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