Cakebox.ME Airbrush Machine

Cakebox.ME Airbrush Machine


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Cakebox.ME Airbrush Machine

The Cakebox.ME Airbrush comes with a soft touch coating which encases the compressor making it easy to wipe clean.

Along with a powerful piston type motor, unique pressure control, the airbrush also has a transparent hose, allowing you

to see any blockages. The touch activated airbrush will allow you to add a unique design to your wedding cake, kids birthday cake and much more. 

This product is supplied with a standard UK plug.

What is Included:

  • Soft touch coating which encases the compressor making it easy to wipe clean
  • (Colour from spraying gets into every nook and cranny if the compressor isn't encased).
  • The motor on the compressor is more powerful, so it's not working as hard when you use it.
  • The hose is transparent - allowing your to see any blockages.
  • Hose comes with a special adapter which allows you to quicky and easily release the airbrush from the hose. (With a normal attachment to the hose, the air can create a vacuum which can make releasing the gun difficult.
  • This Airbrush Kit comes with a 3cc cup allowing you to hold more liquid.
  • The airbrush kit looks great and comes with a leather pouch to store the airbrush gun in.
  • It comes with a standard 1year warranty(NOT INCLUDE WARRANTY ON PEN )
  • Black Friday special, no free gold dust offer included.

How it works:

An airbrush works by drawing air from the compressor unit through the hose and out through the airbrush via a tiny needle which is located inside the airbrush at the end of the hand piece. When you pull back the lever, fine particles of colour are dispersed in the airflow.



Airbrushing is a great technique and with very little practice you can produce fantastic results.

Here are just a few helpful tips that are worth remembering.

1.Practice on paper first so that you don't spoil your project.

2.Open all of your bottles before you begin, as you do not want to be struggling with unopened bottles during spraying.

3.Never start spraying directly on to your project as you may get a sudden burst of colour. Try instead, to start spraying onto a spare piece of paper first and then (whilst spraying) guide your spray onto your project.

4.Try mixing your colours to make different shades. You can either do this by adding drops of different colours to the cup or mix up larger amounts of colour in an empty bottle first.