Polystyrene Balls - Half Cut 6" Diameter

Polystyrene Balls - Half Cut 6" Diameter


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Polystyrene Balls - Half Cut

Circumference: 9"

Diameter: 6"

  • These solid polystyrene half balls can be painted as they are or can be decorated with a multitude of craft and modelling materials. The larger sizes of polystyrene ball are ideal for making lollipop trees etc or cupcake bouquets or any party table centre piece. Cover the ball with your choice of tissue papers or cellophane etc before you begin and attach the sweets or cupcakes (in their cases) using cocktail sticks Or push the lollipop sticks into the covered ball. Perfect for a party or celebration.
  • Polystyrene craft balls can be used as a frame or armature for clay; be it Air Drying, Paper, Papier Mache, Play Doh, Plasticine, Das etc.
  • Polystyrene balls can be used for 3D animations and they have endless craft uses.
  • Styrofoam balls like these are useful for class work to demonstrate the planets, molecules and biological topics.
  • 1 Half Ball in a pack.
  • Mini Soccer ball cut in half!

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